St Francis

Biography of St. Francis Assisi
St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint for the Protection of animals. He was a lover of all creation and a champion of justice. His legacy is celebrated in nearly every religious faith.

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 A Heartwarming Story:
The Power of Love

 St. Francis Pet Medals donates a portion of each sale to animal shelters. Learn more…

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St. Francis Pet Medals

An artisan-designed St. Francis Pet ID Tag
makes a divine gift for pets and pet lovers

You can help protect a dog, cat or horse with an engraved
St. Francis Pet Medal in durable brass or silver-plate.

” St. Francis Dog Pet Medal:
Front side detail in brass

Option: We engrave the back to
create a St. Francis Pet ID Tag
Example on a silver-plated medal.

“Each day, our pets bless us with unconditional love, devotion and joy. Now you can bless and protect them with a St. Francis pet ID tag I designed to help you celebrate your love of animals.” — Sharon Bryant Learn about me

 Our pet medals will not oxidize (rust), which means they’ll last a lifetime on a collar, halter or bridle. You can also honor your pet with a St. Francis Pet Medal on anything requiring an ID tag (key ring, luggage, gym bag, etc.) or as a charm or zipper pull. That’s why our pet medals make such great gifts!


 PRICES for our St. Francis Pet Medals:
with engraving (any size)

    $17.99 without engraving (any size)

We ship anywhere. International orders welcome.
Shipping/handling is added to your order
in the shopping cart.

Select from our St. Francis Pet Medals for dogs, cats and horses below.

For pet ID tag information, please enter your pet’s name and your phone number in the box indicated under ENGRAVING.

Each medal comes with a split key ring attachment

St. Francis Pet Medals PEACE, JOY, LOVE, and COMFORT for all animals and pet lovers!

 “I was the fortunate recipient of one of your St. Francis Pet Medals for my key ring. What a great idea! It honors my precious Westie and my love for animals, and provides a means of return should I lose my keys.

 The medal is exquisite and the engraving is better than any I’ve seen, anywhere! Thank you for offering such a delightful use of your medals.”
-- Kathy from Virginia

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St. Francis Dog Medals / ID Tags

Brass Medal
For Large Dogs
1 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

Silver-Plated Brass Medal
For Large Dogs
1 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving

Brass Medal
For Small Dogs
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

Silver-Plated Brass Medal
For Small Dogs
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

St. Francis Cat Medals / ID Tags

Brass Medal
For Cats
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

Silver-Plated Brass Medal
For Cats
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

St. Francis Horse Medals / ID Tags

Brass Medal
For Horse Bridles or Halters
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:

Silver-Plated Brass Medal
For Horse Bridles or Halters
3/4 Inch Diameter


Without Engraving:



Christmas will be here before you know it!

 St Francis Pet Medals make great gifts (or stocking
stuffers) for your pets and your friend’s pets!

 I love this time of year. Have a blast during this
beautiful autumn leading up to Thanksgiving.
 May your deepest desires and beliefs be
 reflected during the Christmas season and
 throughout the New Year!


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LEX, A Military Working Dog who served  two tours in Iraq.
At age 11 and a wounded warrior veteran,  he is retired and living in Texas.
  Thank you LEX.
We grieve with you on the loss of your partner, Dustin.

Lex's Story: My Partner Dustin


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 Friends of St Francis Pet Medals

St. Francis horse medals were stocking stuffers for
the Kansas City, Missouri Mounted Police Force - Christmas 2008.

Sgt. (Ret.) Kim Hannan
Kansas City Missouri Mounted Patrol


Rest in Peace Windy Knob's "Hub" Atkian
You meant so much to so many

Arghhh Matey! Hub Atkian, Lyndhurst, Ohio
Hub Atkian, Lyndhurst, Ohio Luke Atkian, Lyndhurst, Ohio

Hub and Luke Atkian have been accepted into the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's "Pet Pals" Program.”

Gracie Atkian
Gracie Atkian

Lil’ Eddie, Rosharon, TX.


"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I ordered the brass horse medal for a baby pig I rescued (he thinks he's a pony.) Lil Eddie wears it on his collar everyday and I have to say it is DURABLE!!! It’s holding up great even with mud baths and horse play! Here’s a photo so you can see what a happy boy he is! Thank You." Katy and Eddie, Rosharon, TX

Sadiki Donaven

Marcus, Rosebud, and Sinead Kafka. Yonkers, N.Y.
19 years young Marcus McMunchkin Kafka, Yonkers, N.Y.
Denia Dove from Moorpark, CA
Descartes Moore, Hopewell, Virginia
Tsunami Moore, Hopewell, Virginia
Luke Atkian, Lyndhurst, Ohio

Bonnie Milak, Sugar Grove, IL

All of his girls!

Daisy Orrico, Leicester, MA


Griffin Leonardi, Orlando, FL
HAPPY 2010 from Mao and
Gizmo Chiapuso, Paris, France

Morgan Lim, Davao City, Philippines

  He's as happy wearing the medal now as we was that first time I put it on him.
  Thank you again for such a special medal. I can never imagine Morgan being without it anymore. God Bless and take care.         - Sharlene

Morgan Lim, Davao City, Philippiness
Morgan Lim, Davao City, Philippines
Peter and Bronte Mossner, San Francisco SPCA
"Bark and Whine Ball";;
(to raise money for sheltered pets.)
San Francisco, CA.

I have bought Sharon's Saint Francis medals for what they represent: protection and kindness to animals.  In fact I plan on buying more to give as gifts for friends' pets or just to have on their key chains."
Peter Mossner, San Francisco

Sundance; Cindy Przislicki, Oak Lawn, IL

Susan and Lazarus Guldan, Oak Lawn, IL

Jack and Brisko Przislicki   Chicago, ILL
Skye and Maddy Hubley, Charlottesville, VA


Zak McBride and Jenga, Boston, MA

Dee and Neytiri, Gainesville, FL


Neytiri and Pre, Gainesville, FL  
Phoebe, Lacey, WA
Kolby Morris, Claridge, PA
 Masha Auxiliadora, Sergipe, Brazil
Rufus, Baton Rouge, LA
Squirty, Glen Rock, PA
Willy and Woody, Glen Rock, PA
Eloise, Webster, NY
Eloise (Weezy), Webster, NY
Bay-Lee about to be baptized, Washington, MI
Bay-Lee and his owner Patricia, Washington, MI
Carrie & Sarah, Pawleys Island, SC
Thomas, Oberlin, OH
The little cat that could
Sunny Day & Honey Bun, Luray, VA
Sunny Day as ET
Bay-Lee, Pat, and Otis having a
very Happy Easter 2012. Washington, MI
FIONA, Elkhorn, WI
FIONA, Elkhorn, WI
Twister, Chickamauga, GA
Jax Atkian and St. Francis
Dora and Myshka Holst, Duncombe, IA

This is police K-9 Jack from the New Hope, MN police department proudly wearing his St. Francis medal. K-9 Jack was born in 2003 in the Czech Republic.  Jack is a 75-pound male German Shepherd that came over to the States in January 2006 to complete his training. Jack is a certified Patrol Dog. He searches buildings on alarms, tracks suspects from robberies, protects his handler and loves performing demos in front of large crowds. When off-duty, Jack enjoys swimming, going for walks and playing with his favorite squeaky toy!

ANGEL, a rescued puppy who is in training
to become a therapy dog in New York City

Angel having a great time in a NYC park
Seamus, Williamsville, NY
Shadow, Key Largo, FL
Bronte and Peter Mossner at the
2011 Bark and Whine Ball, San Francisco, CA
Nikita and Viggo Brennan, Worcester, MA
Nikita and Viggo Brennan, Worcester, MA
BOOMER, Buffalo, NY
Bentley, McKinney, TX
Sam, who has a wonderful family and home in Malaysia
Sam, who has a wonderful family and home in Malaysia
TED, Mountain Top, PA
Dear Kessi, Jamestown, ND
NORMAN, Warren, NJ
DAISY, Warren, NJ
JoJo's first boat ride
BEACON! Lafayette, LA.
BEACON, 1 year old
Happy Birthday, Beacon!
Cuteness extraordinaire
Bronte and Peter Mossner
Bark and Whine Ball 2014, San Francisco, CA
Bronte and Peter Mossner
Bark and Whine Ball 2014, San Francisco, CA
Jax Atkian, 2014...two years old
Jax "Snowman" Atkian
GULLIE FREE, Greenwood, SC

Lori and Whinny King winning one
 of their first dressage competitions!
BLITZEN, Minnetrista, MN Burrrr!
A beautiful family
Seymor, Sydney, and Deb
Fox, you sweetheart horse aka,
"Mr. Awesome" and Petra
Santiago, New Mexico
Indigo Pubby: A Working Therapy Dog
West Yarmouth, MA.
Along with his mom, Beth,
they work with special needs children.
How beautiful is that!
Aggie, rescued by Christina!
Karen Havis, Sandy Ridge, NC
Peter Mossner's Bronte in San Francisco
WOLFIE TRUE: Centennial, CO
RORY TRUE: Centennial, CO
SAGE, Portland, ME

Guess who??

Hi Sharon, I hope all is well with you. I thought I would share this photo. My Mom sent me a St Francis statue and she wanted pictures. So who better to pose? My baby boy now has a 48 inch neck so he has to keep his medal hanging on the door of his bedroom. That way, St Francis keeps him safe while he is dreaming. But I am placing an order for a horse I rescued last week. A black ‘n’ white paint, beaten and starved, six year old. NEVER been brushed, I wish I had filmed when he came home, terrified of everything........except my Lil Eddie. Sharon it was unreal. They stood, and still do daily, nose to nose and Eddie TALKs a sound I have never heard until now with Aries. Whatever he tells him works. Aries already lets me put a halter on him and he gets brushed twice a day. His tail was ONE piece when I got him. Enough on that. Take care, Katy

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